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Pet sniffing mat -Flower-

Pet sniffing mat -Flower-

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Introducing our Flower-Shaped Sniffing Mat, a whimsical addition to your dog's playtime routine! Measuring a generous 50 cm in diameter, this unique mat is designed to ignite your dog's sense of adventure while providing hours of entertainment.

Crafted with a playful flower shape and durable materials, our sniffing mat features a non-slip backing that firmly grips the floor, ensuring stability during enthusiastic foraging sessions. Its intricate design includes hidden pockets and textured surfaces, perfect for hiding treats or kibble and encouraging your pup to use their keen sense of smell to uncover their rewards.

Watch as your furry friend eagerly explores the mat, sniffing and searching for hidden treasures. Not only does this engaging activity provide mental stimulation, but it also promotes healthy behaviors and relieves boredom and anxiety.

Easy to clean and maintain, our Flower-Shaped Sniffing Mat is machine washable, allowing for hassle-free upkeep and long-lasting enjoyment. Treat your dog to a world of sensory delight and order your sniffing mat today!

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